SRAACA Events & Activities.....


February 2015

12-14 - AACA Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

March 2015

6-8 AACA Winter Meet, San Juan, Puerto Rico, hosted by Puerto Rico Region
26-28 AACA Western Spring Meet and Grand National, Tucson, Arizona, hosted by Tucson Region

April 2015

9-12 AACA Southeastern Spring Meet, Charlotte, NC, hosted by Hornets Nest Region
30-May 2 AACA Eastern Spring Meet, Virginia Beach, Virginia, hosted by Tidewater Region

May 2015

4-6 - AACA Southeastern Divisional Tour, Knoxville, Tennessee, hosted by East Tennessee Region
14-16 - AACA Central Spring Meet, Auburn, Indiana

June 2015

4-6 - AACA Central Spring Meet, Independence, Missouri, hosted by Kansas City Region

July 2015

16-18 - AACA Southeastern Fall Meet, Louisville, Kentucky, hosted by Kyana Region

August 2015

24-28 - AACA Western Divisional Tour, Northern California, hosted by Redwood Empire Region

September 2015

14-18 - AACA Founders Tour (Post 1931 vehicles), Northeast Ohio, hosted by Canton & Meander Chapters of the Ohio Region
20-25 AAA Glidden Tour, Chickasha, Oklahoma, hosted by Okie Region

October 2015

7-10 - AACA Eastern Fall Meet, Hershey, Pennsylvania, hosted by Hershey Region

November 2015

5-7 - AACA Central Fall Meet, Houma, Louisiana, hosted by Lagniappe Chapter of Louisiana Region

February 2016

11-13 - AACA Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania